Sebastian Vettel Praises Charles Leclerc, Says He Learned From Him

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc were team-mates at Ferrari for two seasons, with the Monegasque driver joining the Scuderia in 2019.

Sebastian Vettel, 2021 Aston Martin Racing Driver, and Charles Leclerc at Ferrari -

Sebastian Vettel, who will compete with the newly rebranded Aston Martin Racing F1 team next year, has praised his former Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc, saying he has a “bright future” ahead of him.

In a recent with Sky Italia F1, Vettel said: “He is certainly very fast and talented.

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“He is in a different phase of his career. I was able to learn from him too and it was interesting.

“I could see something of me in him, as I was 10 years ago. He’s a good guy and I can only say good things.

“For sure, this last year has been difficult for me, there were other issues at stake besides having to drive.

“But that shouldn’t take away any credit from Charles because everything that is said about him is true – he is strong and mature for his age.

“He has a bright future ahead of him and will do things right,” Vettel added.

In the same interview, Sebastian Vettel also commented on who was the most important person for him during his time at Ferrari.

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“Riccardo [Adami, a track engineer he also worked with at Toro Rosso] from my work group, without doubt,” the four-time F1 World Champion said.

“I travelled with him and it was important to have him as a pillar because we already knew each other.

“He understood me. In terms of track performance, he was the most important person.

“In a larger picture, however, Maurizio Arrivabene. I think that from the outside he was not well understood.

“It was not easy to work with [Sergio] Marchionnne,” said Vettel, commenting on Ferrari’s late chairman.

“He was very particular, he put great pressure on people and with Maurizio he was not always kind. But I think Arrivabene really has a big heart,” Vettel added.

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