Sebastian Vettel on Max Verstappen being superior to Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is statistically the greatest of all-time but many believe Max Verstappen is the better driver.

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has insisted that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen cannot be compared, with the fact they’re both “different” being beautiful in the German’s eyes.

Ever since Verstappen claimed the 2021 Drivers’ Championship, the reigning World Champion has been in a complete league of his own.

It’s a similar style of dominance that Hamilton enjoyed from 2017-2020, a period where he claimed four consecutive Drivers’ Championships.

Vettel achieved the exact same from 2010-2013, with the ex-Red Bull driver having been unstoppable in that period of the sport.

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Currently, fans are criticising Verstappen for making the races boring, due to the fact he’s won the last 10 races.

Similar criticism was directed towards Hamilton, Vettel and seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher when they were the dominant figures.

Instead of being praised and applauded, dominance is typically viewed as a negative by fans, despite how challenging it is for a driver to be so consistent over a long period of time.

Many have tried to compared Verstappen and Hamilton, to decide who is the greater driver.

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Statistically, there is no arguing that based on the record books Hamilton is the greatest of all-time, with him having claimed seven titles, 104 pole positions and 103 victories.

Nobody is close to him, yet Verstappen is currently on a record-breaking run of 10 consecutive victories, something Hamilton never came close to.

Both are extremely talented in their own ways, making Vettel believe that they shouldn’t be compared but rather should be embraced and celebrated.

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“The beauty of it is they’re all different,” Vettel told Martin Brundle in a piece for Sky Sports F1.

“You cannot compare Max to Lewis, there’s not one formula, one recipe to success.

“Lewis was rated as the best there’s ever been, Max is demonstrating at the minute that he’s pulling off something that’s never been done before.

“I think Max is a great driver. He’s able to adapt very quickly. He’s able to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

He’s learned and understood the sport, and he will get better in that regard and happy to go racing – that’s what he loves.”