Sebastian Vettel completes Red Bull return

Sebastian Vettel decided to quit Formula 1 less than a year ago, after spending a few seasons in the midfield.

Sebastian Vettel completed yet another Formula 1 demo run last weekend using synthetic fuel, with the German admitting that it’s “even more fun” than using traditional fuel.

The four-time World Champion participated in the Red Bull Formula Nurburgring event at the Nordschleife, where he became the first driver since Michael Schumacher in 2013 to complete a lap of the track in an F1 car.

For the event, Vettel was reunited with his 2011 title-winning RB7, which he drove to his second consecutive Drivers’ Championship.

Vettel completed a demo run in “Kinky Kylie” in front of 60,000 fans, where he showed what’s possible with synthetic fuel.

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The fuel used was carbon dioxide neutral, meaning that “no extra oil” was necessary.

He has used this fuel in his demo runs at the likes of the Goodwood Festival of Speed since retiring from F1 last season, as he continues to “inspire” people to become more aware of the ongoing climate crisis.

Through the ‘Race Without Trace’ initiative, Vettel is trying to prove that motorsport does have a future if it turns to synthetic fuel, which is completely environmentally friendly.

Even though he retired at the end of last season, Vettel has continued to raise awareness of what’s happening to the planet, with him caring about the world his children are going to grow up in.

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He insists that he’s not “telling people what to do” to fight environmental change, with him instead “showing” what is possible.

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“‘Race without trace’ is having the car filled with synthetic fuels rather than conventional fuel – so we had no extra oil that needed to get pumped out of the ground,” Vettel explained, as reported by

“As you could hear and see, the car is working and performing and we all had the same amount of fun, maybe even more fun. So it’s great to start telling a story with taking the responsibility as well and that’s what I would like to inspire to people.

“I’m not telling people what to do. I’m just showing that it can be done in a better way, in a good way. And we have to take steps towards the future – I have kids, I do care about them and I care about their future. So I think it’s up to all of us, small and big steps to take them collectively.”