Sebastian Vettel breaks silence on Red Bull bringing back Daniel Ricciardo

Nyck de Vries failed to score a point whilst driving for AlphaTauri, whilst he claimed two for Williams in a one-off appearance last season.

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has defended rookie Nyck de Vries, who has been sacked by AlphaTauri after just 10 races.

It was confirmed last week that the Dutchman would be replaced by eight-time race winner Daniel Ricciardo from the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards, in what is likely the end of the Dutchman’s F1 career.

Being in the worst car on the grid certainly didn’t help De Vries’ situation, neither did being beaten by team-mate Yuki Tsunoda.

The 28-year-old did show little improvement in his 10 races for the Faenza-based team; however, Vettel has insisted that his talent isn’t judged purely on his performances this season.

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Vettel revealed that De Vries is a “really good person” and that his sacking was a “bit harsh”, given how sudden it was.

The German went as far as stating that the decision to sack the rookie was “brutal”, with him hoping that De Vries is okay following the drama.

“I have to be honest, it’s obviously a shame for Nyck. The way it came to an end,” Vettel told ITV.

“I think he got given a great chance, maybe things didn’t happen for him the way he expected or people expected but it’s also a bit harsh when it comes to a very sudden stop.

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“It’s brutal. I met him last year for the first time and he seemed like a really good person and he is a good driver. He won the F2 championship, he won international championships so he’s well recognised and I hope that this doesn’t put a dent in his confidence.

“So that’s why people shouldn’t look at [his AlphaTauri career only] because people tend to do that and that’s not right. So I have to also sympathise with the fact that you know, it’s very harsh for him and I hope that people don’t [just] see that.

“Maybe those five, 10 races whatever didn’t go according to how good they could have been. We don’t know why, first of all from the outside and second he is still a very good driver.”