Sebastian Vettel Ahead Of Aston Martin Move: ‘I Have Not Forgotten How To Drive’

Sebastian Vettel is now officially an Aston Martin Racing driver – and he’ll be hoping to prove that he’s still a top racer next season.

Aston Martin Racing F1 car concept 2021, Sebastian Vettel -

2020 was unquestionably a difficult season for Sebastian Vettel, with him struggling to get the best out of the uncompetitive Ferrari SF1000 and his younger team-mate, Charles Leclerc, outpacing him for most of the year.

However, ahead of his move to Aston Martin Racing, Vettel has insisted that he has “not forgotten how to drive”, though he admitted that he made some mistakes at Ferrari.

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“When you are self-critical, you always have doubts,” Vettel said in a recent interview with

 “I have not forgotten how to drive, but rather analyse why I was not able to use my skills 100%. Of course, sometimes you get in your own way.

“There are sure to be things I did wrong. Sometimes the access, sometimes the way you talk to people, sometimes the things you see as a priority.

“As frustrating as it may be at the moment, I think that’s all part of life.”

Continuing, the four-time World Champion said: “These experiences have shaped me. Of course, there was no real big success, there were ups and downs.

“But both belong together. There are no highs without lows and no lows without highs.

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“There are enough reasons for one or the other, but I wouldn’t say I regret anything from that time. On the contrary, I think I learned a lot. Not just for the next project, but for life as a whole.

“Above all, dealing with people. A lot happened not only on the track but also off it.

“I’m not in my twenties anymore, I’m in my thirties and the last five or six years have shaped me a lot,” he concluded.

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