Sebastian Vettel admits interest in returning to Formula 1

Dr Helmut Marko recently said he believes Sebastian Vettel's racing days in Formula 1 aren't over just yet.

Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he misses the competitiveness of Formula 1, and the feeling of being pushed to his limit.

A return to F1 for the retired four-time World Champion has been suggested ever since he called it a day at the conclusion of the 2022 season, with Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko having stated that he doesn’t think Vettel’s racing days in F1 are over.

Fans across the world would likely love to see the 53-time race winner return, not only because of his ability but also because of the good he did for the sport.

Vettel in his final seasons became an environmental activist, and has since started the ‘Race Without Trace’ initiative.

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He is continuing to promote sustainable alternatives to petrol and is keen for F1 to look to the future, for the good of the planet.

If he were to return, he’d arguably be able to further support the need for F1 to use sustainable fuels.

Interestingly, he refuses to rule out a comeback.

“Will I come back? I can’t say no because you never really know what can happen,” Vettel told Sky Sports.

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It’s Marko’s recent comments which have really triggered suggestions of a Vettel comeback, with the 36-year-old revealing that he often speaks to the 80-year-old.

“I talk to him on the phone every now and then,” Vettel told Der Westen. “We exchange ideas and are good friends.

“But at the moment there are no plans for me to come back.”

Vettel was actually back behind the wheel of his 2011 title-winning Red Bull RB7 last weekend at Red Bull’s Formula Nurburgring event, where he became the first driver since Michael Schumacher to complete a demo run of the Nordschleife in an F1 car.

The demo reminded him of the rush of racing in F1, with him admitting that he misses being pushed to his limit.

For the time being though, he’s content with being retired.

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“I’m still coping well at the moment (with retirement),” Vettel told Kolner Express newspaper

“But nothing pushed me to the limit like Formula 1. That’s what I miss the most. But at some point that adrenaline rush runs out, and then it’s about moving on.

“I’m still searching and looking and this process is exciting in itself,” said Vettel.