‘Same sh*t’: Pierre Gasly fumes at AlphaTauri

Pierre Gasly has explained the meaning behind his frustrated message to his team during qualifying in Austin.

After qualifying in P13, Pierre Gasly was clearly upset with his car after a lockup cost him what could have been a strong lap time in Q2 at the US Grand Prix.

It’s not the first time either that the Frenchman has had issues with his brakes, with Gasly also seeing issues last time out in Suzuka costing him in qualifying.

In the aftermath of the lockup, Gasly came on the team radio to vent his anger and the ongoing issue.

“Why do we keep having this problem? Turn 1, 11 – it’s the same sh*t,” he exclaimed.

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“Second week in a row.”

When speaking to the media after the session, Gasly explained that his main issue is not with the lockup itself, but with the fact that it keeps happening to him.

“It can happen once, but when it’s the second time in a row and third time this season, it just shouldn’t happen at that level,” he said.

“We try so hard to extract every hundredth out of the car.

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“Everybody at the track, everybody at the factory, myself – you put so much work into it and when it’s time to deliver, you get something, an external problem where it’s just screwing us.”

The 26-year-old, who is on his way to Alpine for next season, remained bewildered as to why this issue keeps occurring.

The brakes seems to keep hindering the Frenchman regardless of the type of track he is driving at.

“Canada was in wet conditions, so you can’t really apply a lot of brake energy into the brakes.

“Suzuka is a kind of low-energy track as well for the brakes.

“Here, it’s not really low-energy, so I’m not really sure. Talking with Daniel [Ricciardo], he had the same issue in FP3,” he explained.

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Gasly will feel aggrieved because he can clearly find pace in his AlphaTauri, as proven in practice sessions, however this issue is seriously hindering the team’s point scoring potential.

“I’m just extremely disappointed because all weekend I felt good in the car and I do believe there was potential to be in the top ten.

“It’s clearly something we need to get on top of because it cost us in Suzuka, it cost us again this weekend and in the season when we need to capitalise on every opportunity we can have, it just shouldn’t happen.”