Sainz and Leclerc land Hollywood role

The English version of the "Lightyear" film will star Chris Evans.

Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have tried their hand at voice acting ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix for the upcoming Pixar film “Lightyear.”

Chris Evans, star of Captain America and the Avengers Infinity Saga, will be the lead voice of the film in the English language, while Sainz and Leclerc gave their voices to a character in Spanish and Italian respectively.

Buzz Lightyear first appeared in the 1995 film Toy Story, and was voiced by Tim Allen, who appeared in a star-studded cast including Tom Hanks, Laurie Metcalf and John Ratzenberger.

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Three more Toy Story films have been made since then, and they have grossed over $6 billion in total.

Leclerc found the job difficult, but extremely rewarding, so he cannot wait to see the film in all its glory in the Italian version, with his voice appearing in it.

“It was my first voice acting cameo. It was a completely different experience from what I have done in the past. It was a bit strange and much harder than I thought,” he said, quoted by

“It was a great ​experience, and I can’t want to see the final result.”

Sainz tweeted about his experience, saying “new adventure with Scuderia Ferrari and Disney Spain!”

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The Spaniard endured a tough afternoon at his home race last weekend after making a mistake at Turn Four following a gust of wind, which caused damage to the car, and he eventually finished fourth.

“[It was a] long, tough race for us,” explained Sainz after the race.

“After the gust of wind and the spin I tried to recover but the car was not the same after that.

“I picked up quite a lot of damage and I was sliding all around trying to get back into the podium, but in the end [I finished] fourth.

“[It’s] not what I wanted, purely struggling for the whole race, but it’s how it goes sometimes.”

Leclerc’s retirement having been comfortably leading out front opened the door for Max Verstappen to lead home Sergio Perez for a Red Bull one-two.

Subsequently, Leclerc and Ferrari have lost the lead of both championships.