Sacha Fenestraz Speaks Out On Being Lando Norris’ Flatmate

As Fenestraz approaches the Tokyo E-Prix, he is embraced as the local hero, a testament to his impactful tenure in Japan's Super Formula and Super GT series.

Sacha Fenestraz, a prominent figure in Nissan Formula E, once shared a modest living space with Lando Norris, the McLaren F1 sensation, during their early days in Guildford.

Despite their burgeoning careers, the duo managed to accommodate racing simulators in their living quarters, emphasizing their dedication to motorsports.

However, as Norris ascended to fame, maintaining personal communication became challenging, with Fenestraz and another of Norris’s childhood friends, Jehan Daruvala, noticing a significant drop in WhatsApp interactions due to Norris’s overwhelming social media engagements.

Daruvala, set to compete alongside Fenestraz in the Tokyo E-Prix, shares this sentiment, highlighting the difficulties in catching up with Norris.

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Nonetheless, Norris keeps an eye on his friends’ achievements, promptly congratulating Fenestraz on his pole position in Cape Town last season, showcasing the enduring bond despite the shift in their professional dynamics.

Fenestraz humorously notes, “He is not the best at answering… We don’t try to speak to him on WhatsApp because he just doesn’t answer! He is a great guy and we have a great relationship.

“When I had the pole in Cape Town he congratulated me… We don’t speak about racing… we like to catch up on life.”

Fenestraz’s affable personality mirrors that of Norris, being the cheerful presence in his own racing paddock.

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However, his on-track persona contrasts sharply with his off-track demeanor, as evidenced during his intense debut in the Mexico City race, where he inadvertently caused his race engineer’s eardrum to burst through his passionate outbursts over the radio.

Reflecting on his expressive nature, Fenestraz admits, “I express myself a lot through the radio but perhaps sometimes a little bit too much… I have also surprised myself with how I react to certain things, but I do like to express myself a little bit. Maybe a bit too much sometimes.”

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As Fenestraz approaches the Tokyo E-Prix, he is embraced as the local hero, a testament to his impactful tenure in Japan’s Super Formula and Super GT series.

His experiences have not only earned him a considerable fan base but also reinforced his belief in the high competitiveness and skill level within Formula E, drawing parallels to the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1.

Fenestraz remains ambitious and reflective, aspiring to balance his expressive tendencies with his undeniable talent on the track.