Russell jokes about Mercedes’ porpoising in hilarious behind the scenes clip

Mercedes drivers Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been plagued by "porpoising" and bouncing this year.

As George Russell was in his driver room getting warmed up and ready to for the Canadian Grand Prix, he was filmed jumping up and down to get the blood pumping.

As the 24-year-old did so, he was asked: “Is that how you warm up?” to which he brilliantly replied, “just getting ready for the ‘porpoising.’”

Russell and team-mate Sir Lewis Hamilton had really struggled with their cars jumping up and down on the straight in Baku, with the 37-year-old clambering out of his car at the end of the race after suffering with back pain.

The FIA brought in new measures to try and limit “porpoising” and bouncing last weekend in Canada by introducing a system whereby they can measure the team’s oscillating movement.

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These measurements will essentially be used to create a limit for bouncing and, if any team exceeds that, they will be asked to raise their ride height by a minimum of 10 millimetres.

They could, in extreme circumstances, be excluded from the event if the stewards feel that the car is dangerous.

There are teams such as Ferrari and Red Bull that have a bit of bouncing, but for one their drivers are generally less affected by it, and secondly their performance is not hindered as a result.

Even still, those two teams could be asked to raise their ride height even though their car is not impacted by the bouncing, and this caused controversy.

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The suggestions, particularly from the Red Bull camp, have been that they will be made to suffer because Mercedes could not build a sufficiently competitive race car and, instead of raising the ride height and fixing their issues, they are having the FIA solve their issues for them at an unfair disadvantage to the leading two teams.

There was reportedly even a “heated” exchange during the team principals’ meeting between Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto over the issue.

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Further unrest was reportedly caused by the FIA’s decision to allow another floor stay to be put on the car but, having installed an extra one, the Silver Arrows found that it made little difference during practice, so they removed it.

In the end, it was quite the turnaround for Mercedes last weekend as Hamilton, who had complained of an “undriveable” car on Friday, came home to grab his second podium of the year on Sunday, while Russell ended in P4, sealing another decent result in a less than ideal 2022 for the eight-time constructors’ champions.