Rosberg reveals if he would rather drive for Ferrari or Red Bull in 2022

Ferrari sit 76 points behind Red Bull ahead of the British GP, whilst Charles Leclerc is 49 points behind championship leader Max Verstappen.

After a string of reliability issues, Ferrari have found themselves in “nothing to lose” territory, but potentially at threat of losing second in the Constructors’ Standing.

After going strong in the start of the season, it looked like 2022 would finally be the year that Ferrari reclaimed the Constructors’ crown for the first-time since 2008, and that Charles Leclerc would become a World Champion.

However, after two engine failures in the last four races, both Ferrari and Leclerc have seen their title chances go up in smoke.

A mix of reliability and strategic errors, has seen both Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing build a sizeable gap in both championships.

It leaves Ferrari in the difficult position of having to decide whether to defend 2nd from the Mercedes F1 Team, or throw everything at it to claw back Red Bull.

2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg firmly believes that Ferrari need to be looking forward rather than backwards.

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“It’s kind of nothing to lose anymore,” the German said.

“So just go for it and then see what can be maximised. Of course they need to get on top of their reliability issues but the pressure is kind of off a little bit now.

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“I mean, they were huge favourites after the first couple of races but now they’re so far behind. So you have nothing to lose. Go for it. Big push and let’s see what they can do.”

It was initially Red Bull who had the reliability problems at the start of the season, however, despite Sergio Pérez’ retirement in Canada, this pendulum has most certainly swung.

Whilst appearing on Any Driven Monday, Rosberg was asked which team he would rather be driving for currently.

“Definitely Red Bull,” the ex-Mercedes driver said.

“Maybe it’s not actually such an easy question, but feeling wise I do say Red Bull because recently it’s been the Ferrari not the Red Bull [that is breaking down], they’ve kind of got on top of their things,” said Rosberg.

Whilst on the show, the 37-year-old was negative towards Carlos Sainz.

Rosberg doesn’t see championship winning potential in the Spaniard, who has struggled on a number of occasions this season.

It’s left Leclerc at the disposal of both Red Bull drivers at times, with both Verstappen and Pérez performing strongly.

Sainz will need to improve should Ferrari win the Constructors’, with the Spanish driver still yet to win a race in Formula 1.

Rosberg outlined where Sainz needs to improve, with Leclerc “outdriving him” at every GP in 2022.

“Sainz has got it in him to be a good, decent driver within Ferrari,” Rosberg continued.

“But at the moment he has not got it in him to be a World Champion.

“Because on performance, [Charles] Leclerc has been outdriving him every single race this year.

“So there he still needs to find quite a bit of progress to be on level terms with Leclerc, he is still somewhat away from there.

“That comes as quite a surprise after last year but of course the car is completely different so maybe it takes him more time to get on top of things,” concluded the German.