Ricciardo sends Norris to stratosphere via stinging space hopper

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris made contact in Silverstone, but not in the way one might have thought.

McLaren’s Lando Norris was left with a numb face after team-mate Daniel Ricciardo wiped him out with a space hopper ahead of the British Grand Prix.

As is tradition, Sky Sports hosted an F1 live show in Silverstone in front of packed grandstands on the Thursday of the British Grand Prix race weekend.

Ricciardo and Norris were being interviewed about their chances of success this weekend, before being sent to the bottom of the home straight so take each other on in a space hopper race.

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Norris started off by almost falling off his hopper before the race had even got going and, once they did, the 22-year-old made an attempt at hitting the Australian.

This rather worked against him and he lost ground, leaving Ricciardo to streak ahead as they got to the finish line, which was made up of Any Driven Monday presenter Matt Baker holding an umbrella.

Realising he was moments from losing, Norris hopped off his space hopper and made a break for the line, but little did he know what would happen next.

Ricciardo picked up his hopper and went to throw it back at his team-mate, but he had already made it to within inches of the eight-time race winner, so a wall of orange was the last thing he saw before feeling the full impact of the space hopper.

Norris said “I can’t see!” when asked if he was okay, and Ricciardo joked that he probably ought not to have swung the hopper back towards the Briton.

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“You know when you do something, and you realise you probably shouldn’t have done it? It was too late!” he said. 

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The 32-year-old later took to Twitter to confirm that Norris was “ok,” prompting Sir Lewis Hamilton to reply: “Is he actually?” before Norris posted a picture of a baby doll with its face squashed in.

As for McLaren’s prospects this weekend, the fans in the grandstand made a lot of noise when Natalie Pinkham asked if the Papaya squad could score points this weekend, but hilariously fell silence when a podium was suggested.