Ricciardo claims McLaren ‘pushed too far’ with set-up after Monaco crash

Daniel Ricciardo found the unforgiving walls during second practice ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo has promised to brush himself off after the crash he suffered during FP2 at the Monaco Grand Prix on Friday.

The Australian had looked impressive throughout the first session as he clocked 37 laps in P7, just over a tenth of a second adrift of team-mate Lando Norris in fifth.

The 32-year-old was on his first timed lap of the second hour when he lost control at the first part of the swimming pool section, and that was all she wrote as he slammed into the barrier.

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Ricciardo suggested that there were one or two setup changes made by the Woking side that perhaps exceeded the limits of the car that early in the weekend.

“It happens quickly but… it kind of slowed down as well,” he told Sky Sports.

“Like I knew everything that was happening and I tried to save it but already kind of into Turn 13, I already started losing it.

“I could feel the car was starting to get away from me and yeah, [it was] a little strange.

“I think normally you probably pick up some stuff maybe on Turn 14 on the kerb if you get a bit too greedy and the car can get unloaded.

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“I think obviously we just pushed a few things with setup – obviously we’re trying – but yeah, pushed a little too far probably in a couple of areas.”

Missing a session in the tight streets of Monaco is never ideal, but the eight-time race winner is confident that he can get right back on it on Saturday.

“[I] tried my best to save it but we couldn’t so I know they’ll fix it, obviously we missed all the session but I’m okay, we’ll be ready to go tomorrow,” explained Ricciardo.

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“[The] morning was good, we’ll use that, Lando had a pretty good P2 by the look of it so yeah we can bounce back.”

Ricciardo’s crash at Turn 13 is not the first we have seen this weekend after Jake Hughes went slightly airborne there during Formula 2 qualifying, but the Briton was thankfully unharmed.