Revealed: Shocking punishment Lewis Hamilton will face for breaking new rule

Drivers will be banned from making any unapproved political, religious or personal gestures this season.

The relationship between Formula 1 and the FIA is growing increasingly tense at the moment, with a large portion of the grid now having spoken out about their FIA’s new rule.

Drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have been using their global F1 platform to campaign against injustices in the world in recent seasons, recognising that they can make a difference and spread awareness.

Both drivers have worn rainbow t-shirts or helmets to races in the Middle East to show their support for the LGBT community, with homosexuality being illegal in many regions of the Middle East.

In a reported bid to keep these host nations happy, the FIA have now officially released a detailed clarification for their regulations ahead of the upcoming season, with drivers now forbidden form expressing a range of political and religious views at many stages during events, including pre and post-race ceremonies, track activities and FIA press conferences.

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Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen and Alex Albon have all expressed their concerns about this new rule, claiming that they do not wish to be silenced by their sport’s governing body.

The potential punishments have now been revealed that could be issued to a driver, should they disobey the FIA and make a political, religious or personal gesture this season.

With regards to non-sporting penalties, the drivers could be issued a warning, a reprimand, a fine or an obligation to accomplish some work of public interest.

Some of the drivers have admitted that they would not hessite to breach the new rule if the punishment was only a fine, however there are a plethora of sporting penalties that could be handed out.

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The drivers could see their race or qualifying lap times deleted, be given a grid-drop or have to start a race from the pit lane as a punishment for making a gesture.

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They could also be given a time penalty or penalty laps that will be added to their race time or distance. 

The punishment could also be served during the race, with stop-and-go, driver through and place drop penalties all listed as possible consequences for drivers who breach the new regulation.

With the drivers already discontent about the new rule before the punishments were announced, the F1 world waits to hear the reaction to the recent announcement, which is sure to cause much more friction between the FIA and the drivers.