Renault Could Be Forced Into Red Bull Engine Supply Deal Following Honda’s Exit

Honda has announced that it will leave the sport at the end of the 2021 season.

Honda’s decision to leave Formula One at the end of next year means Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri will need to find a new power unit supplier.

With Mercedes boasting the strongest and most efficient power unit in Formula One, they are likely to be Red Bull’s preference.

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However, it’s unlikely that the Silver Arrows would agree to such a deal, at least not with Red Bull Racing, as giving them Mercedes power would potentially put them right on their tail and perhaps even cost them Championships.

Ferrari is another option, but they currently have the weakest power package on the grid by some margin, so it’s difficult to see why Red Bull would settle for this.

Furthermore, Ferrari may also not be willing to supply the Milton Keynes-based team, especially if they are expecting to make a big step forward with their 2021 power unit.

For now, it seems a reunion with Renault is the most likely scenario.

Red Bull enjoyed a period of dominance from 2010 to 2013 – during which they were, of course, powered by Renault – but the partnership quickly soured in 2018 after Red Bull began to publicly criticise the French manufacturer.

However, even if neither party is particularly keen on a reunion, it could be forced upon them if Red Bull is unable to find another power unit supplier.

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This is because, in such circumstances, the supplier with the fewest customer teams must step in and act as a power unit supplier of last resort.

And, with McLaren switching to Mercedes power next year, Renault will only be powering a single team, so they might have no say in the matter.