‘Remains an issue’: Stefano Domenicali has concerning news for Zhou Guanyu

Formula 1 is yet to return to China following the Coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 saw the Formula 1 world come to a standstill, with all races suspended until further notice, leading to uncertain times in the sporting world.

Since then the development of a vaccine alongside better knowledge of how to prevent the virus saw the season resume, and other than the extra steps introduced to help prevent the spread of COVID, everything has been pretty much back to normal ever since.

One Grand Prix that is still yet to return, that was set to be on every calendar since, is the Chinese Grand Prix, and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has suggested that it could also be removed from the 2023 races, seeing the drivers have to wait another year for their return to China.

“The COVID situation remains an issue, I am not certain we will race there in 2023,” said the F1 CEO.

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Domenicali believes that it might not be necessary to find a replacement race for next year, with enough races already being on the calendar for 2023.

“With 24 races, we are approaching the limit, but you can never say it’s over,” he said.

“Today, we are there because our success is incredible. But if we have to find a balance, I think that’s fine.

“There are many other countries that would like to host a Grand Prix. We could sign with seven or eight countries tomorrow morning, but of course we can’t do it.”

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The Chinese Grand Prix has been the home of many iconic moments in Formula 1 history, such as Michael Schumacher’s final win and Lewis Hamilton overshooting the pit lane entry and beaching his car, which ended up costing him the world title in 2007.

Las Vegas will be joining the calendar for 2023 as a new track, with a staggering 24 races set to go ahead between March and November, providing the Chinese Grand Prix does go ahead, with it yet to be seen what the COVID situation will look like by the time the race weekend comes around in the middle of April next year.

One driver that will be hoping that the race does happen is Guanyu Zhou, who will be racing again with Alfa Romeo next year, with the Chinese rookie yet to experience a home race due to the cancelations of the race in China since the pandemic.