Red Bull wins battle for key Ferrari engineer

Ferrari have been dealt another blow at the hands of Red Bull this season.

In preparation for the 2026 season, teams are already making moves to secure the best personnel for the new regulations. 

Among the most significant changes will be the introduction of brand new power units, emphasising the use of electrical power and fully-sustainable fuels. 

With reigning World Champion Max Verstappen expressing concerns about the regulations, having a strong power unit will provide a significant advantage. 

Red Bull, recognising the importance of this, reportedly engaged in an off-track battle with a rival team, likely Mercedes, to secure the services of engine specialist Angelo Rosetti from Ferrari.

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According to a report by Italy, Ferrari has already suffered setbacks on the power unit front. 

Spanish press reports indicate that Emanuele Guidotti and Angelo Rosetti, key members of Ferrari’s power unit team, left the Scuderia approximately a year ago and subsequently joined Mercedes after their gardening leave period. 

While Guidotti, a turbo and simulation specialist, has been working with Mercedes for about a month, Red Bull emerged victorious in the race to secure Rosetti’s signature, outbidding their rival, likely Mercedes, with a more enticing salary offer.

Guidotti and Rosetti, both long-serving members of the Ferrari team with around nine and 12 years of experience respectively, were highly valued for their expertise. 

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Red Bull has become a popular destination for talent acquisition, given their dominant position in the current era of Formula 1.

However, Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur acknowledged the challenges they face when it comes to luring staff away from teams like Red Bull. 

With Red Bull and Mercedes, along with seven other teams, being based in the UK, Vasseur explained that the location advantage makes it easier for personnel to transition seamlessly between teams. 

In contrast, Ferrari’s base in Maranello, Italy, requires a more significant upheaval for prospective hires and their families.

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Ferrari has faced a challenging 2023 campaign, but they showed promise in the recent race in Austria. 

Charles Leclerc’s second-place finish demonstrated their improved performance, outclassing Aston Martin and Mercedes. 

As Ferrari continues to fine-tune their upgraded SF-23, this positive momentum provides a much-needed boost.