Red Bull say they want Lando Norris to replace Sergio Perez

Helmut Marko has heaped praise onto Lando Norris, tapping him as a future Red Bull driver, replacing Sergio Perez.

Helmut Marko, a senior Red Bull advisor, has hinted at the possibility of Lando Norris replacing Sergio Perez.

Marko’s revelation comes as he sheds light on a past agreement between Norris and Toro Rosso, highlighting the young driver’s potential as a formidable addition to the Red Bull lineup.

Marko did not hold back in his praise for Lando Norris, emphasising the qualities that make him an appealing candidate. 

He stated, “In terms of youth and speed, he would suit us very well.” 

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However, Marko didn’t miss the opportunity to point out the perceived weaknesses of Sergio Perez, suggesting that the Mexican driver is “not always focused.”

While Sergio Perez has managed to secure two race victories for Red Bull this year, his teammate Max Verstappen has dominated the Formula 1 circuit, clinching victory in nearly every other race and setting multiple records along the way. 

Perez’s struggles to keep up with the relentless Verstappen have raised questions about his future with the team.

Marko hinted at Perez’s “other interests” as a potential factor in Red Bull’s decision-making process. 

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“So he also has other interests, so you have to see what happens next. Perez is not consistent, he is not always focused,” Marko commented.

Interestingly, Lando Norris shares a close friendship with Max Verstappen, both on and off the track. 

The pair recently enjoyed some downtime during a friendly tournament in their shared residence in Monaco, adding fuel to the speculation of Norris joining Red Bull.

Marko shed light on the history between Norris and Red Bull, revealing, “At Toro Rosso, we had already reached an agreement with him at the time, until his manager realised there was an option for a McLaren contract.” 

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This revelation suggests that Norris was on Red Bull’s radar before his move to McLaren.

Furthermore, Marko discussed the challenging nature of racing alongside Max Verstappen, considering the Dutchman’s exceptional comfort in the car and his dominance on the track. 

Despite the difficulties, Marko commended Sergio Perez for his performance as Verstappen’s teammate, saying, “Perez is the one who has done the best of all drivers in recent years and also won races.”