Red Bull rub salt into Sergio Perez’s wounds

Sergio Perez is facing the chopping block at Red Bull in a few races' time.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s advisor, has compared the pace of Sergio Perez to that of his teammate Max Verstappen, highlighting Verstappen’s superiority in “every single corner”. 

Despite starting alongside Verstappen in the sprint race, Perez will find himself 14 places behind the pole sitter when the Austrian Grand Prix commences on Sunday.

Verstappen’s exceptional speed, compared to the rest of the field, including Perez, has been evident throughout the season. 

However, Marko expressed surprise at the significant advantage the two-time world champion held after the sprint shootout, stating, “Well, we’ve gradually fine-tuned our car here, and the conditions have been somewhat challenging. 

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“So, for Max to be half a second ahead right away is quite surprising. 

“It’s worth mentioning that he had two sets of new tyres all to himself, but it just goes to show the level of class he possesses.”

During Friday’s qualifying for the grand prix, Perez failed to secure a top-10 position for the fourth consecutive race, further emphasising Verstappen’s dominance. 

Marko acknowledged the speed present in Perez’s performance and hoped that starting on the front row for the sprint race would motivate him for the upcoming race. 

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He stated, “Yesterday, we said the speed was there, especially under this set of regulations, despite the slight mishap in the last corner.

“Yes, it was unfortunate, but that happens. And I hope for his confidence that starting on the front row will be a great motivation once again.”

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Marko further elaborated on Verstappen’s remarkable abilities, noting, “There are a few corners where there’s a bit more to gain, but overall, it’s practically every single corner where Max is faster. 

“Undoubtedly, we can call it his ease, the way he delivers. 

“There’s no rush, everything is coordinated. We can plan when to go out in the last 10 seconds or so. It’s simply pleasant to see the precision and control with which it all unfolds.”