Red Bull RB-19 rear wing leaked online after private test

The RB19 was unveiled last week in New York during Red Bull’s season launch.

During Red Bull’s season launch last week in New York, fans were given their first look at the RB19 and its livery, which looks almost identical to last year’s.

Understandably, the car that fans were presented was just a show car, without many of the advanced technical aspects that will make up the real race car.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner admitted at the launch that the car that drives out of the garage in Bahrain for pre-season testing will look significantly different to the show car, leaving fans in the dark over the technical design of the car.

Eagled eyed fans have been given a slight glimpse of the real RB19 however, as a photograph of the car’s rear wing has emerged on Reddit, much to the confusion of some fans.

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The photograph looks to be a freeze frame from a low-quality video, making the rear wing extremely blurry and making it almost impossible to see any details of the design.

Some fans have suggested that Red Bull have leaked this photo on purpose, making sure that the image is low enough quality for no details to be revealed however.

“They’re doing this on purpose imo,” wrote one fan. “Get the social guy to take some low quality pictures and videos and ‘leak’ them. Gets people talking about them.”

While teams such as Haas have not been shy to share footage of their new car in action, Red Bull fans have been given a short clip of the car flying past during a Silverstone shake-down and this blurry photo.

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The fans on social media have admitted that it is no surprise that the energy drink giants are trying to hide the design of their car, as there will be the team that others may look to copy this year, following their dominant success last season.

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“Considering most cars have at least one Red Bull inspired part on them now, I don’t blame Red Bull for trying to hide their car,” wrote one fan.

Aston Martin has their car nicknamed the ‘Green Bull’ during last year’s Spanish Grand Prix amidst rumours that former Red Bull head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows had used his knowledge of the RB18 during his new role as Aston Martin’s technical director.

With both Mercedes and Ferrari hoping to challenge for the title this season, Red Bull will hope that the RB19 can prove to be as good, if not better than the RB18 to aid their mission of retaining both championships this year.