Red Bull ‘Missed A Trick’ In Formula One – Renault Team Principal

Renault used to supply Red Bull with their power units until things soured during the 2018 Formula One season.

Renault team principal Cyril Abiteboul has said Red Bull “missed a trick” in Formula One with regards to how it builds its overall package, and suggested this is what’s putting them at a disadvantage to Mercedes.

“I think Red Bull is a fantastic team but in my opinion Red Bull has missed a trick of modern Formula 1, where you can’t have a chassis organisation and an engine organisation that are so distinct,” Abiteboul said at the Italian Grand Prix.

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“You can’t think of that, if you want to fight for wins in a consistent manner. So probably the struggles that it can face at the start of the season, but eventually even across all of the season, is a demonstration of that.

“You really need to be one group of people, one team, with one mindset,” he added.

Abiteboul went on to say that they “failed to do that all together” when they were Red Bull’s engine supplier.

“It just looks like they are not able to do much better with Honda. But it just shows that there’s a level of complexity and perfection that is required in Formula 1 in order to win and in particular to beat Mercedes.”

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