Red Bull headquarters hit by protests for ‘sticking’ with Vladimir Putin

Red Bull’s headquarters in both the UK and Austria have been hit by protests amid Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a massive impact on Formula 1, with drivers from Russia now having to race under a neutral flag; for example Robert Shwartzman raced under the flag of Israel when taking part in Ferrari practice sessions in Austin.

Haas ditched their title sponsor Uralkali in pre-season, along with Russian driver Nikita Mazepin, as pressure grew on the team to move away from their Russian influences.

Red Bull have now been targeted by the Ukraine Solidarity Project, with both their UK and global headquarters being hit by protests in recent weeks.

Firstly a message from 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winner Oleksandra Matviichuck was projected on to the side of Red Bull’s base in Milton Keynes, with the Ukrainian delivering a plea to world champion Max Verstappen about Red Bull’s activities in Russia.

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The protests come after it was confirmed by the Yale School of Management that Red Bull have only suspended marketing and new investments in Russia rather than pulling out of the country all together.

This means that Red Bull products are still on sale in Russia, while many of the energy drink’s competitors have withdrawn their involvement from the country.

Campaigners have now infiltrated Red Bull’s state of the art headquarters in Salzburg to unveil a massive banner of Vladimir Putin with the caption ‘Red Bull gives Putin wings,’ which is obviously a play on the company’s slogan.

The Ukraine Solidarity Project have now released a statement following their infiltrations of the Red Bull facilities, suggesting that the energy drink giants are funding Russia’s invasion with their sales.

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“It really matters that Red Bull is still on sale in Russian,” they began.

“It’s one of the world’s biggest brands and its decision to stick with Putin’s Russia is highly significant. 

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“Companies that sell their products there are paying taxes to the Kremlin and signalling that they’re comfortable with the illegal invasion of Ukraine. They need to pull out.

“As things stand, Red Bull gives Putin wings.”

Since the statement was released, Red Bull have issued a reply to the Ukraine Solidarity Project, reiterating their stance on the situation which is that they have suspended new ventures in Russia, but their products remain on sale.