Red Bull divided over Christian Horner’s punishment

Despite the turmoil, the 50-year-old has continued his duties as usual in recent weeks and appeared at Red Bull's season launch event on Thursday.

Reports suggest that the owners of Red Bull are divided on whether Christian Horner should depart from the team amidst the ongoing investigation into his conduct.

Allegations of inappropriate behaviour have been levelled against Horner, which he refutes, following a complaint by a female employee to Red Bull’s parent company in Austria.

This situation has enveloped Red Bull in a shadow just ahead of the upcoming season, with uncertainty looming over Horner’s future as the investigation progresses.

Despite the turmoil, the 50-year-old has continued his duties as usual in recent weeks and appeared at Red Bull’s season launch event on Thursday.

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The investigation has created a schism among Red Bull’s owners in Austria and Thailand regarding Horner’s position within the team, as per F1-insider.

The Austrian faction, holding a 49 per cent stake, is purportedly adamant that Horner “must leave”.

Conversely, the Thai contingent refuses to suspend or terminate Horner, holding the final verdict with their 51 per cent ownership.

Despite concerns from the Austrian side, there are fears that this saga might become a tipping point for the entire company.

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The impact of the investigation on Red Bull’s ability to maintain their competitive edge against rivals in the upcoming season remains uncertain.

It is speculated that the probe might extend beyond the Bahrain Grand Prix next month, with Horner likely to face further questioning following initial scrutiny by legal experts last week.

Speaking publicly about the matter for the first time on Thursday, Horner stated, “The support from within the business, of our partners, within the industry, has been overwhelming.

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Obviously there’s a process that’s ongoing at the moment, some allegations have been made which I fully deny and I’m complying obviously with that process and will continue to do so until its conclusion.”

He emphasised Red Bull’s stance that it’s “business as normal” despite the ongoing allegations, affirming his commitment to his role within the team.

When asked about the potential distraction the investigation might pose, Horner expressed confidence in the team’s unity and focus on performance, anticipating their debut in Bahrain with enthusiasm.