Red Bull criticised for picking Daniel Ricciardo over Mick Schumacher

Red Bull have also been criticised for the timing and implications of replacing Nyck de Vries mid-season.

Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher has voiced strong criticism regarding Nyck de Vries’ departure from AlphaTauri, describing it as a “death sentence” for the Dutch driver. 

Schumacher’s remarks came after it was announced that de Vries would be leaving the team in the middle of the season to be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull’s reserve driver.

While Schumacher acknowledged that there may be some justification behind the decision, he expressed his discontent with the timing and execution of the move. 

Speaking on Sky Germany, Schumacher stated, “The decision may be understandable, but it must also be said that in the middle of the season, it’s not exactly the finest style.”

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Moreover, the F1 expert raised concerns about the grave implications this decision could have on de Vries’ career. 

Schumacher firmly believes that the consequences will be severe for the young driver, saying, “For the guy, it’s now an absolute death sentence.

He added, “He won’t be able to find a place anywhere after that – that’s my opinion.”

Schumacher, who has previously criticised Red Bull’s Helmut Marko for having a bias against the Schumacher name, expressed confusion as to why his nephew Mick Schumacher was overlooked in the hiring process. 

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Discussing the selection of Ricciardo, Schumacher remarked, “Mick, for example, could have been available.

“But we discussed it many times, and for some reason or another, the decision was made against Mick and then it was the next choice.”

With the Hungarian Grand Prix fast approaching and Ricciardo set to rejoin the grid in Eastern Europe, fans are eagerly awaiting his return. 

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The Australian driver is known for his charismatic personality and has garnered a large fan base throughout his career.

The abrupt departure of de Vries from AlphaTauri and his subsequent replacement by Ricciardo has sparked widespread discussion and debate within the F1 community. 

As the season progresses, it remains to be seen how this decision will impact de Vries’ future in the sport.