Red Bull chief finally addresses retirement rumours

Seasoned Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has discussed the factors influencing his exit from the title-leaders.

The motorsport community has been buzzing with rumours and speculation surrounding the potential retirement of Dr. Helmut Marko. 

The distinguished Austrian, who holds a contractual commitment until 2024, has taken it upon himself to quell these speculations, affirming that he has no intention of stepping away from his role after the current season concludes. 

In an exclusive conversation with, Dr. Marko delves into the multifaceted considerations that will ultimately determine the timing of his retirement.

Since the inception of the Red Bull Racing team back in 2005, Dr. Helmut Marko has been a stalwart presence, leaving an indelible mark on the team’s trajectory. 

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His tenure has been defined by pivotal decisions that have shaped the team’s roster and led to triumphant moments on the track. 

Notably, he played an instrumental role in introducing talents like Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen to the Austrian racing stable, both of whom ascended to championship glory under the Red Bull banner. 

The seasoned former driver’s influence also extended to the recruitment of notable race winners such as Mark Webber, Daniel Ricciardo, and Sergio Perez. 

Marko’s impact has been so profound that it’s difficult to fathom that the team once bore the name Jaguar before his pivotal arrival.

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As he stands at the venerable age of 80, conversations surrounding Dr. Marko’s retirement have grown louder. 

However, in an unequivocal statement, he asserts, “As long as I am mentally and physically fit, and I am fascinated and enthusiastic about the sport, and as long as the responsibilities I have give me the chance to continue here, I will. 

“I don’t feel like an old man who can’t keep up. 

“As long as I can make a positive contribution, that’s what matters.”

Marko’s admission about how long he will remain a figurehead at the title-winning team reflects his ongoing commitment to Formula 1 and the Red Bull outfit he has helped built.

His perspective on what it takes to remain in the sport reflects the abilities he looks for within his drivers and others he works with at Red Bull Racing.

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Despite concerns about his age, Marko’s mental acuity remains clear for all to see, as he continues to be pivotal in the decision making process at both Red Bull and its junior team AlphaTauri, as seen in the recent decision to replace Nyck de Vries.

Having already helped power his drivers and the team he cares passionately about to multiple impressive milestones, Marko’s enthusiasm clearly hasn’t dimmed.

Alongside Verstappen and Christian Horner, Marko is clearly keen to continue making history as long as he feels capable of doing so.