Red Bull boss reacts to Max Verstappen boredom claim

Max Verstappen has repeatedly threatened to quit Formula 1 in recent months.

During a recent media appearance, Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull Racing, revealed that he had invited all the Formula 1 drivers to his home for a barbecue. 

Horner expressed his delight in witnessing the conversations between the drivers and the camaraderie that emerged.

Addressing concerns about potential boredom for his star driver, Max Verstappen, with the team’s consistent winning streak, Horner explained, “You can see he enjoyed racing Lando. 

“I had all the drivers for a barbecue at my house last night, and you see they go straight into talking about moments on track, and their eyes light up about what happened here or there or even in Formula 3 or karting.” 

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Horner’s invitation was accepted by approximately half of the Formula 1 drivers, indicating their eagerness to engage in discussions about racing.

Horner dismissed any notions of Verstappen becoming bored, asserting that winning races remains a captivating experience. 

While he humorously speculated that Verstappen might not be driving in Formula 1 when he reaches the age of Brad Pitt, the two-time world champion’s competitive spirit is unlikely to wane. 

“But does anyone ever get bored of winning?” Horner pondered.

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Currently leading the world championship by a substantial 99-point margin over his teammate Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s path to a third title seems almost certain. 

Even if he were to achieve second-place finishes for the rest of the season, he would secure the championship. 

Consequently, Verstappen does not necessarily need to win additional races to claim the coveted title.