Red Bull bizarrely ensures ‘corporate compliance’ after Ferrari incident

Christian Horner playfully covered up a Ferrari logo on a visitor’s hat at the Belgium Grand Prix.

During an eventful Free Practice 1 session at the Belgian Grand Prix, Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, took prompt and amusing action when a female guest unintentionally breached team rules by wearing a Ferrari cap in the Red Bull garage. 

Horner’s quick response showcased his dedication to “corporate compliance” as he playfully used black sellotape to cover the Prancing Horse logo on the cap, ensuring no rival emblems were displayed within the team’s territory.

The lighthearted moment occurred when the woman entered the garage sporting the Ferrari cap. 

Spotting the incongruity, Horner approached her with a roll of sellotape and humorously covered the Ferrari logo. 

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The guest, clearly enjoying the light-hearted gesture, responded with a grin before taking the tape and applying it herself, participating in the light-hearted exchange.

Commentating on the incident, Sky Sports F1’s David Croft chuckled, saying, “Someone is wearing a Ferrari cap in the Red Bull garage. 

“Christian Horner has got the gaffer tape out and is ensuring corporate compliance at all times.” 

The playful episode sparked mixed reactions among F1 fans, adding an element of entertainment to a session marred by unsettled weather and limited track running.

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It’s not uncommon for F1 drivers to be spotted making light-hearted cap swaps to show support for their own team’s colours. 

A notable example was in 2018, during the Brazilian Grand Prix, when Sebastian Vettel playfully traded a child’s Mercedes hat for his own Ferrari cap. 

Vettel even took the time to sign the caps before returning them to the young fan, exemplifying the camaraderie and friendly spirit often present in the sport.

The amusing Ferrari cap incident took place before the thrilling qualifying session in Belgium, where Red Bull’s Max Verstappen showcased his prowess and secured an impressive pole position. 

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Unfortunately for Verstappen, a grid penalty means he would start Sunday’s race from P6, with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc taking the coveted pole position.

As a result of Verstappen’s penalty, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, and Oscar Piastri all moved up one position on the starting grid. 

Leclerc will be joined by Perez on the front row, setting the stage for an intense battle in the upcoming race.