Red Bull admit concern about Max Verstappen quitting

Dr Helmut Marko has acknowledged concerns made by Max Verstappen amid claims from the Dutchman he could quit the sport.

The risk of Max Verstappen, the likely-in-2023 triple world champion, leaving Formula 1 is becoming a genuine concern. 

Despite having a contract until 2028, Verstappen has recently issued warnings about his potential departure due to the expanding F1 calendar and the controversial new regulations set for 2026. 

In an interview with Osterreich newspaper, Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko commented on Verstappen’s remarks, stating, “Max doesn’t just say something like that… 

“I hope he keeps his contract… but who knows. 

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“Maybe one day he’ll come and say ‘Thanks, that’s it.'”

One of Verstappen’s primary apprehensions revolves around the 2026 regulations, expressing worries that the sport may devolve into an “engine competition.” 

Responding to the question of whether Red Bull’s rivals are hoping for their faltering with the Red Bull Powertrains project, Marko responded with a smile, suggesting it to be “wishful thinking.” 

Acknowledging the potential upheaval caused by the new regulations, Marko admitted, “In 2026, there will be new regulations that could throw everything overboard.”

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Presently, Verstappen and Red Bull are consistently setting new records at each grand prix. 

Marko expressed his surprise at their achievements, stating, “I’ll be surprised what they dig up next, and I’m sure I’ll be made aware of it… I would never have dared to dream that we would one day advance into these spheres.” 

The next record within their grasp is breaking the longest winning streak in F1 history, currently held by the McLaren team of 1988. 

Red Bull has the opportunity to surpass this record at the upcoming race in Hungary. Marko, however, remains cautious, saying, “We’ll see how our car is doing in Budapest… 

“We thought such a winning streak was unlikely, but we have to enjoy it while it lasts.”

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Regarding the Formula 1 movie featuring Brad Pitt, both Verstappen and Marko expressed disinterest. Verstappen stated, “It’s not really my thing,” adding that he believes the film will utilise various shots from around the world, including onboard cameras. 

Marko concurred, revealing that he was unaware of a movie car reportedly stopping during the installation lap at Silverstone. 

While Marko enjoyed the Niki Lauda film, he admitted a preference for experiencing the sport live rather than through a movie.