‘Quite grumpy’ Geri reveals how marrying Christian Horner changed her life

Geri Horner, the former Spice Girl, has reflected on her life with Formula 1 figurehead Christian Horner.

Geri Horner, the former member of the Spice Girls, has shared candid insights into the early stages of her relationship with husband Christian Horner, the team principal of the Red Bull Formula 1 team. 

In an intimate interview, the 51-year-old artist, who tied the knot with the 49-year-old racing team executive in 2015, delved into her personal journey of self-discovery and the evolution of her deep romantic connection with Horner. 

The couple’s love story began in the backdrop of fame and everyday challenges, leading them to create a family unit with their son Monty, born in 2017.

At the time of their union, Geri Horner was already a mother to her 17-year-old daughter Bluebell, the result of a previous relationship with filmmaker Sacha Gervasi. 

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The Spice Girl embraced her role as a single mother after parting ways with Gervasi before Bluebell’s birth. 

However, it was her own self-discovery that paved the way for her transformative connection with Christian Horner.

In her candid interview with The Sunday Times, Geri Horner shared how her perspective on relationships evolved over the years. 

She described herself as a “late developer” in terms of seeking profound romantic connections, attributing this delay to her journey of self-acceptance, which fully bloomed in her late thirties. 

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She recalled her initial interactions with Christian Horner, admitting to being “quite grumpy” at the outset. 

Despite the formalities and potential pressures that often accompany new relationships, Geri Horner decided to embrace authenticity and let her true self shine.

Geri Horner reminisced, “The brilliant thing was I was just, like: this is me. 

“I’m not going to hold myself in in a Hervé Léger dress. 

“I was quite grumpy to Christian, actually, and my sillier self came out. 

“I was just real.” 

This decision to be genuine, even in the face of uncertainty, set the foundation for a unique bond that would evolve and deepen over time.

She continued, revealing the nuances of their connection as they navigated their newfound partnership. 

The transition from a single, independent life to sharing it with Christian Horner required adjustment. 

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However, that adjustment blossomed into a “really loving relationship.” 

Geri Horner expressed that their journey led them to become best friends, a connection she never anticipated. 

Reflecting on her upbringing, which included an all-girls school, she shared, “And I went to an all-girls school – I didn’t know I could be best friends with a man.”