Legality Of Trick Mercedes Using To Increase Top Speed Called Into Question

The trick was spotted during the Turkish Grand Prix and it is seemingly responsible for Mercedes’ impressive straight-line speed.

Questions have been raised about the legality of a trick that is being utilised by Mercedes to increase the top speed of their 2021 car.

The trick, which was spotted during the Turkish Grand Prix, appears to be responsible for Mercedes’ recently improved straight-line speed.

As ex-F1 racer Paul Di Resta explained, Mercedes seem to be gaining speed by stalling the rear of the car once it hits a certain speed, thereby reducing its rake and thus reducing its drag.

“When it gets to a certain speed and you don’t need the downforce through the corners, it then drops and the floor stalls, and you gain top speed. It takes all the rake out of the car,” Di Resta said.

Continuing, the Sky Sports pundit suggested that Red Bull probably have a similar set-up, but they clearly aren’t getting the same benefit as Mercedes.

It’s unclear exactly how much extra speed this trick is worth, and it’s equally unclear when Mercedes first started utilising this trick to increase their 2021 challenger’s top speed.

Some F1 fans have been quick to question its legality, as adjusting the car’s ride height in certain ways is against the technical regulations of the sport.

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