Pros and cons of High Output Alternator

What is a High Output Alternator?

A standard alternator comes with each vehicle and it keeps the vehicle’s battery charged. It generates and supplies electricity to maintain a vehicle’s battery, when the engine is running.  A High Output Alternator increases the amperage in the electrical system, which sufficiently provides more power to the battery, with less strain to the alternator than a regular one.

Whether or not you should purchase one depends largely on your vehicle’s electrical needs and demands. What capabilities does your vehicle have? A high output alternator can generate an output of 140-225 amps and up to 300 amps for ones that support electrically taxing accessories and equipment.

 Advantages of a High Output Alternator

 Do you use your vehicle for very long periods of time, and components or accessories that require more power from your battery? Anchors, for example, operate heavy equipment that consumes a lot of electricity for components such as HD cameras, satellite and sound equipment. Maybe you installed LED lights and subwoofers in your party Van.

Per the amount of load on an engine, a higher output alternator will produce more amperage than in a regular alternator. If you are looking to properly maintain your car’s electrical system and ensure the longevity of your battery and engine, a high output alternator is the way to go. This not only results in more charge to the battery but it will also decrease your fuel consumption. This means that you could provide power to all of your equipment, while saving money on gas.

Disadvantages of a High Output Alternator

While a high output alternator can make sure your battery, and electrical system appliances are running smoothly, it is also wise to make sure you don’t overcharge your battery. If this does occur, then you’re likely to run into a host of other electrical issues.

This is more likely if you use a high output alternator than a regular one, but especially if you don’t really require the extra amps.

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A small car that gets you from point A to B, and doesn’t use any accessories would not benefit much from a high output alternator. A 2002 Lexus SC 430 with an upgrade subwoofer sound system, and LED lights would.

A semi truck that relies on truckers navigation devices, or an ambulance that uses heavy medical equipment are also cases where a high output alternator would be used.