Pierre Gasly lambasts FIA over unusual stance

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly was left frustrated after Lance Stroll escaped a penalty for gaining a position after going off the track.

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly has demanded an explanation from the FIA regarding an incident involving Lance Stroll during the British Grand Prix weekend. 

Gasly expressed his frustration over Stroll’s failed overtake attempt at the British Grand Prix, where the Canadian driver went off track but did not return the position. 

Gasly believes that such actions should warrant a position change, and he plans to address the issue with race stewards at the Hungaroring.

Gasly voiced his concern, stating, “If you go off the racetrack, you’ve got to give the position back. 

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“Just as simple as that. If you try and you see you’ve been off the racetrack, just give the position back. 

“That’s how I’ve been taught racing by the FIA. 

“I’ve paid the price in different situations. It’s just not fair not having that consistency.” 

He further emphasised his frustration with the lack of fairness and consistency in such decisions, fearing that different interpretations of the rules could lead to unpredictable penalties in future races.

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Seeking clarity and consistency, Gasly intends to visit the stewards at the Hungaroring to obtain a clear understanding of the regulations. 

With the safety of drivers at stake while racing at high speeds, Gasly stressed the need for transparent and consistent application of the rules. 

He expressed his concerns about the penalties imposed in previous races, where he felt that drivers were not adequately warned before receiving penalties.

Gasly acknowledged that racing incidents can occur and understood that Stroll might not have given him enough space during the overtake attempt. 

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However, he believes that a clear decision should have been made regarding the position change. 

Interestingly, Stroll did receive a penalty later in the race when he made contact with Gasly again, resulting in the Frenchman’s retirement due to a damaged rear suspension. 

Gasly’s teammate, Esteban Ocon, also faced retirement during the race, making it a challenging day for the Alpine team at Silverstone.