Pierre Gasly hands out ‘Golden Tickets’ for 2023 Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix was a roaring success as a race and an event as a whole last season.

The growth of Formula 1 in America since Liberty Media took over the sport in 2017 is astonishing, with the sport which was previously hidden behind the popularity of NASCAR and IndyCar now being a favourite in the USA.

The race last season and the Circuit of the Americas broke the attendance record and after the Miami Grand Prix joined the calendar last year, the Las Vegas Grand Prix will make its debut in 2023.

To celebrate the start of a 100 day countdown until Formula 1 returns to Miami for a second time, Alpine driver Pierre Gasly has travelled over to the United States to take part in some promotional activities.

The Frenchman surprised the vendors at two local restaurants with ‘golden tickets’ to the upcoming Grand Prix, much to the joy of the Reggae Beets and Italian Vice owners.

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These golden tickets are part of a scheme started by the organisers of the Miami Grand Prix to involve the local people in Miami in the worldwide event.

The organisers have said that 14 minority-owned restaurants in Miami will be chosen to sell food at the race, an amazing opportunity for these smaller local businesses.

“I’m always happy to help support people and local businesses here and to bring them a bit of excitement by surprising them with a golden ticket,” said Gasly on his Miami visit.

“It’s important to recognise the positive impact this has and I’m sure they’ll have a great time at the race. Last year was a huge success and definitely I’m looking forward to racing in Miami again this season.”

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As another part of his visit to Miami, Gasly was invited into the Miami Dolphins’ NFL training complex to meet some of the team.

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Clearly overconfident about his speed outside of a Formula 1 cockpit, the Frenchman decided to challenge NFL player Tyreek Hill to a 100-yard race, to which he was promptly demolished.

The hilarious race went as many would have expected, with the man nicknamed ‘The Cheetah’ for 4.29 second 40-yard dash time not even breaking a sweat while beating Gasly’s top speed.

The 2023 Miami Grand Prix is expected to be even bigger and better than the race last season, with both fans and drivers looking forward to one of the most exciting events on this year’s calendar.