‘Payback time’: Max Verstappen holding grudge against Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen reportedly believes that Sergio Pérez crashed on purpose during Q3 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Two-time World Champion Mika Hakkinen has described Max Verstappen as someone who “remembers yesterday”, with the Finn believing the Dutchman is someone who has a very strong recollection of past events.

Hakkinen’s suggestion comes after what unfolded at the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend, where Verstappen defied team orders and refused to let Sergio Pérez overtake him on the final lap.

The Dutchman revealed to his team that he had his “reasons” for not giving the place up, with this believed to be a reference to the Monaco Grand Prix.

According to reports, Verstappen firmly believes that Pérez crashed on purpose in Q3 at Monaco, to stop the double World Champion claiming pole.

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Red Bull have since revealed ahead of this weekend’s season finale that the pair are back on good terms; however, Hakkinen has stated that following team orders isn’t always easy, with a “plan” being needed to execute changing positions.

“We had team orders sometimes when I was racing,” Hakkinen said, as per The Race.

“When I received team orders before the grand prix even happened, we had a plan to do it in a certain way and for the [different] circumstances.

“We shook hands and decided if this situation happens in the race we will follow the team orders.

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“We were in a situation where we had to activate these kind of team orders. I was in a better position and David Coulthard wasn’t in a good position but that’s not my problem.”

Despite only being 25 years old, Verstappen has seen and done a lot in the sport, something which is no shock considering his rookie campaign was 2015.

With that in mind, Hakkinen sees Verstappen has someone who “remembers” the past, something which the former McLaren driver believes played a part in why Verstappen defied the team’s instructions.

“Talking about Max and Perez, Max is of course like all of those grand prix drivers, he is a racing driver and he doesn’t live in the moment,” added the Finn.

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“He’s living in a life where he remembers yesterday and he’s focusing on the future.

“And when there’s a situation in the race track and the team gives him an order to give a chance to Perez to score points.

“He keeps the positions [as] he remembers that yesterday and Max [told the] team and was like no way, it’s payback time.”