‘Overrated as hell’: Fans react to Lewis Hamilton nomination

Lewis Hamilton finished third at the British Grand Prix earlier in the year.

To a number of Formula 1 fans’ disapproval, Lewis Hamilton’s overtake on Charles Leclerc and Sergio Pérez at the British Grand Prix has been nominated for ‘Action of the Year’ at the FIA’s Prize Giving ceremony.

The moment that has been chosen in particular is one that was incredible to watch, especially for those in the UK who heard some incredible commentary from David Croft to go alongside it.

It was perhaps the most famous commentary quote of the season, with Croft having shouted “through goes Hamilton” as the seven-time World Champion slipped up the inside of the two drivers at the final corner.

The overtake in particular occurred after Pérez dived up the inside of Leclerc at Turn 17 for second place; however, the Mexican driver forced himself wide and pushed Leclerc crucially off the circuit.

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This opened the door for Hamilton to go up the inside of both drivers, which moved him from fourth to second in emphatic fashion.

Whilst the moment was undoubtedly incredible, some have questioned if it deserves to be nominated at the FIA ceremony.

Many were quick to point out that Hamilton was on fresh Soft tyres whilst Leclerc was on old Mediums and had front-wing damage; however, this has been countered by some social media viewers who insist that this moment had a sense of ‘hype’ about it.

One user commented: “Did the F1 and FIA just ignore the fact Leclerc sent it around the outside of Copse corner on old tyres and made the repass on Hamilton?

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“Through goes Hamilton” is overrated as hell,” they added.

Another said: “What I’ll say, though, I am biased as a Hamilton fan, is that the through goes Hamilton felt more hype, due to it not being a top car, with a driver who’s struggled this year, at his home race, onto the Hamilton straight.

“It was just a perfect moment for me, Leclerc was great though.”

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It’s hard to look, though, at what other moments from the F1 season could be nominated for ‘Action of The Year’, with many having highlighted the season as underwhelming.

Perhaps, Max Verstappen’s dominance in 2022 did make for a somewhat uneventful season, one which certainly didn’t have as many memorable moments as compared to 2021.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso’s drag race to the finish line at the Japanese Grand Prix is perhaps a moment that should be nominated for the award, due to it having been absolutely thrilling with no margin having been between the duo.