Oscar Piastri continues to dominate Lando Norris after Twister showdown

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri showed off their playful side during the summer break with a game of Twister at the team’s HQ.

In a bid to inject some excitement into the F1 summer break, McLaren has unveiled yet another entertaining challenge video, featuring their drivers in a lighthearted match of Twister. 

The video showcases the camaraderie between Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri as they found themselves in a delightful tangle of limbs and laughter.

As the game of Twister kicked off, it was Lando Norris who initiated the fun by giving the wheel a spin and positioning his right hand on the red spot. 

In a swift move, he directed his Australian counterpart, Oscar Piastri, to the far end of the colourful Twister mat. 

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The game soon gained momentum, with hands and feet rapidly shifting to various coloured spots. 

The dynamic duo quickly realised the need for an extra hand or two, prompting them to request assistance in spinning the wheel.

While Norris adeptly navigated the intricate poses of Twister, he humorously pondered, “Where does my right foot go? 

“Can I put my right foot somewhere or not?” 

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The game continued with Piastri encountering challenging positions, humorously expressing his struggle with phrases like “I’m in so much trouble here,” and “I’m in such a bad place right now.” 

A light-hearted moment ensued when Piastri found himself face-to-face with his teammate’s backside while trying to maintain balance. 

He quipped, “What a sight that is!” followed by a hearty laugh.

The climax of the game arrived when Piastri was supposed to place his left foot on a Yellow spot, which happened to be out of reach for both drivers. 

In a playful exchange, Norris exclaimed, “Nahaa – Oscar call it quits okay! Your left foot is not going between my legs.” 

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With that, Piastri jumped off the mat, bringing the entertaining Twister match to an end.

Although Norris has been leading in the team battle with 69 points compared to Piastri’s 34, boasting two podium finishes while Piastri strives to catch up, this casual game of Twister showcased a different side of the duo. 

McLaren’s YouTube challenges and games have proven to be Piastri’s domain, with seven wins to his name compared to Norris’s solitary victory. The trend continued as Piastri emerged triumphant in the spirited Twister showdown.