Online gaming brands partnering with F1

Formula 1 is always a hot topic. Some people question if it is actually a sport because it’s only drivers in cars racing around a track rather than kicking a ball across a field. That’s a debate we’re not going to go into because if you see the amount of training that an F1 driver has to undergo, you’d know that it’s definitely tougher than many sports.

F1 has constantly been growing in popularity, the drivers’ own personalities shine through, and nowadays, most people can recognise them and many of the top teams, including Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes. And just like any popular sport, sponsorships are a huge thing. For the world of F1, they just keep on growing.

The perks of sponsoring F1

If you’ve ever seen an F1 race, no doubt you’ve seen adverts for companies plastered across the track and over the cars themselves. Companies want to make themselves known, and being a sponsor in F1 is a great way to do this.

It instantly increases brand awareness as sponsor names and logos are visible to a massive audience – from those fans who attend to the many millions watching races at home on TV. It’s great exposure and one of the reasons companies are always battling it out to get their presence across various sports.

As well as bringing a brand to a wider audience, a company can boost its sales by sponsoring at big events like F1. The more fans see the same logos and adverts, the more interested they’ll be, especially if they’re following an F1 season.

Nowadays, with many businesses online, sponsorship is a great opportunity to send customers (or potential new ones) to a website. If you’re an online company, then that’s even better. This is why it makes sense that online gaming companies are sponsoring F1 right now.

Expanding into online gaming

As F1 continues to grow and more business sectors want to sponsor the sport, online gaming companies are the latest to throw their hats into the ring. Entain, the online gaming giant that owns PartyCasino and PartyPoker, is a sponsor of the McLaren F1 team, recognising the sport’s thrills and strategic approach is a good fit with the mind game of poker.

And it makes sense, as F1 and poker are very different yet similar in some respects. Players of poker need to be of a certain resolve. A steely nature without a tell, so they can take to the tables and really thrive. Likewise, F1 drivers undergo strict training schedules to race at high speeds and fend off the competition.

Online gaming companies have been sponsoring sports for many years, and they know how to play them right. For instance, you may have watched a football match and noticed a betting company as a main sponsor. Obviously, it will encourage fans to go online and place a bet, as the company is close to the actual sport that’s being played. Likewise, F1 fans who love the thrill of the chase and the competition involved will be drawn to a competitive game online.

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Entain added to the big sponsor list

When you look at the names sponsoring F1, each brand is from a different sector, but they’re all relatable to the world of F1. Pirelli is the main tyre sponsor for F1 and has been since 2011, when it replaced Bridgestone.

Obviously, when you think of F1, tyres are very important! Another company associated with transportation and technology is DHL. They renewed their partnership with F1 and announced it’d present the DHL Fastest Lap Award and DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award.

But it’s not all to do with cars. Emirates airline has been a global partner for F1 for years, although it announced recently it was ending the relationship. It’s a brand associated with class and sophistication, something that F1 fans are often associated with, too.

MSC Cruises is another luxury travel brand that has partnered with F1 as the sports brand used the advanced ships port-side during specific Grand Prix weekends.

And now, online gaming has become another sector that has become linked with F1. It ticks all the boxes – it’s closely related to sports, gaming appeals to well-off customers, and the gaming nature appeals to all.

While most sponsorships have been signed for the immediate F1 season, we look forward to seeing more online gaming companies coming into the fray in the future. Watch this space.