‘One of the worst’: Female driver slams Sergio Perez for being ‘lazy’

Red Bull's Sergio Perez is facing scrutiny despite recovering to P3 at the 2023 Hungarian GP.

In a dramatic start to the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez suffered a disastrous crash during FP1, prompting former racing driver turned pundit, Danica Patrick, to question whether the incident was a result of pushing too hard or being a little bit lazy.

On the opening lap of the practice session, the Mexican driver lost control of his car, veering onto the grass before spinning and colliding with the barriers, triggering a red flag. 

The incident comes at a challenging time for Perez, who is currently facing mounting pressure to deliver strong performances in order to secure his position within the dominant team.

Danica Patrick, providing expert analysis for Sky Sports F1, offered her insights into Perez’s unfortunate mistake. 

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She expressed, “Was it pushing too hard or was it just being a little bit lazy? That’s one of the worst as a driver.”

She empathised with the driver, acknowledging the disappointment he must feel for letting his team down during a crucial phase of the championship. 

“You’re just letting your team down and knowing that they’re going to have to work so hard. 

“Also, just that doubt, that feeling of frustration that they have, and you feel really guilty,” she stated.

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The crash raises questions about the mental and emotional toll that the intense pressure of competing at the highest level of Formula 1 can have on drivers. 

With the championship race in full swing, every point and performance matters, and the pressure to perform can sometimes lead to costly errors.

Sergio Perez, who joined Red Bull this season, is well aware of the expectations placed upon him to support his teammate and championship contender, Max Verstappen. 

However, the highly competitive nature of the sport demands consistently excellent performances, and any mistakes can have significant consequences.

Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, commented on the incident, saying, “It’s a shame for Checo (Perez) to have the accident so early in the session. 

“We will, of course, investigate what happened, but fortunately, he’s okay, and the damage doesn’t look too severe.”

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As the team evaluates the cause of the crash, Perez himself will undoubtedly be reflecting on the incident, seeking ways to bounce back and prove his worth to the team and fans.

And Perez did bounce back in the race, delivering when needed, with a P3 finish to ensure his return to the podium after a number of frustrating weekends.

While he couldn’t make it a Red Bull 1-2, as Lando Norris held on to the P2 spot, Perez will be happy to have showed his podium potential is still alive.