Norris describes ‘scary’ Monaco Grand Prix after impressive drive

Lando Norris finished 6th at the Monaco Grand Prix which began in treacherous conditions.

Lando Norris performed brilliantly at the Monaco Grand Prix to finish in 6th place, just behind George Russell.

The McLaren F1 Team driver did well to avoid the barriers and keep his race clean, in what was a soaked start to the race.

The Brit, who is still recovering from a recent bout of tonsillitis, started in fifth but was caught out by Russell’s strategy.

With every driver starting on the extreme wets as instructed by the race director, some decided to switch to intermediates then to slicks during the race.

Whilst Norris opted for this strategy, his British compatriot remained on his wet tyres until he could switch straight to a dry compound.

This strategy also proved to be effective for Carlos Sainz, who finished second.

Late on, Norris pitted for a fresh set of tyres, giving him incredible pace in the closing stages of the reduced race.

By the final lap, Norris was right up the gearbox of Russell but with no way past.

Following the race, Norris told Sky Sports F1 that he was “happy” with 6th, however, he didn’t feel that his race was “flawless”.

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“It was still a good race from start to finish,” Norris began.

“We were managing the tyres. There are some things we maybe can improve on and do better for next time because I don’t feel like it was a flawless race from our side with strategy and things like that,

“I’m still happy with sixth. It’s still some good points and the fastest lap, so even if I finished P5 I only would have gotten one more point, which is something but it’s not the end of the world.”

The weather caused chaos early on, with the race start being delayed due to a power outage during incredibly heavy rain.

Once the formation laps began behind the safety car, the race was quickly red flagged with many drivers complaining of the hazardous conditions.

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When the race finally got underway, the opening laps saw impeccable car control from the drivers.

Drivers danced across the streets looking for grip, with the 22-year-old labelling the experience as one of the scariest things “I’ve ever done in my life”.

“It was very [challenging],” Norris explained.

“I can’t describe how tough driving a Formula 1 car is in wet conditions around this circuit. It’s one of the most nerve-wracking, scary things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s so tough.

“You want to push because you know that other people can make mistakes but, when you think like that, that’s when you start to make mistakes yourself,” the Brit concluded.