‘I Am Ready For F1’: Nikita Mazepin Eager To Beat Mick Schumacher Next Year

Nikita Mazepin has said he is well aware that most racing drivers only get “one shot” at Formula One.

Nikita Mazepin wants to beat Mick Schumacher in F1 - Formula1news.co.uk

Despite causing controversy after groping an Instagram model last month, Nikita Mazepin looks set to make his F1 debut with Haas in March.

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The Russian will be racing alongside 2020 Formula Two Champion Mick Schumacher, and he has said he is keen to outperform the German this year.

“You know when you get into F1 there is almost one shot at it, I believe, and it has never been a consideration of how that would be for me,” Mazepin said.

“I had this opportunity come up. We decided to take it on and, regardless of what Guenther has said, I would say that my job is to outperform my team-mate, as always, and do the best I can.

“So the pressure is still there on my shoulders. I believe I am ready for F1 and I want to show it to the team first of all,” he added.

Continuing, he commented on why he has struggled in his debut seasons in some junior categories and said he is hoping this won’t be the case in Formula One.

“Obviously, being a racing driver, my goal and everyone’s goal is to perform at the highest possible level but it doesn’t always go your way, unfortunately.

“I would say that it’s not my approach definitely, however, racing in F3 and going to GP3, racing, in general, is a sport where there is more than one person involved.

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“So, for me, perhaps the reason why results came a little bit later is that throughout my career I haven’t quite managed to put everything together – meaning my team, myself and my set up – to be able to deliver straight away. I needed more time. Going into F1 I hope that this will change,” Mazepin concluded.

Earlier this month, Mazepin suggested he isn’t fazed by being in the same team as Mick Schumacher, who is the son of seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher.

“To be honest, his name does not matter to me. We are not friends, but I can call us old rivals. We did karting together.

“The surname, of course, adds both strength and problems in terms of pressure and attention but when you close the visor of your helmet, there is no time to think about it,” the Russian said.

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