Nikita Mazepin Groping Scandal: Haas Says Punishment May Remain Private

On Sunday, it was reported that the Haas F1 Team is considering replacing Nikita Mazepin with another driver following the scandal. - Nikita Mazepin Instagram Model Video

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has said that details of Nikita Mazepin’s punishment for groping an Instagram model and posting the video onto social media may remain private.

Speaking to Autosport, Steiner said: “We had a race weekend going on, as you know, so I didn’t focus on that one.

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“That will be job for the coming week, when I’m back in the office at home. So I’m travelling, and then we will deal with that.

“But we spoke up until the race weekend started, and I said there’s no point that we do anything now because there is a focus, which needs to be kept.”

The Haas F1 Team boss also emphasised that he can make an “objective assessment” when dealing with Nikita Mazepin over the incident.

“Yes, I can make an objective assessment, obviously. “But as I said, I will deal with that the coming week.

“Maybe you guys will never know what was dealt with, and what are the circumstances, because I will keep them private.”

“I don’t think it’s about my personal reaction. My first things was, I looked into it, and I had no reaction, because I need to stay objective. So I have to have no reaction to it.

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“I need to get the facts together, speak with people, speak with the people involved and speak [about] how it happened. And then I can make my assessment.

“It doesn’t get to me personally at that moment. I cannot do that, because then I’m not objective anymore.

“I need to be objective about everything in these things,” he emphasised.

On Sunday, it was reported that the Haas F1 Team is considering firing Mazepin due to the negative media attention the groping scandal has attracted.

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