Nikita Mazepin Fans Make Rape Threats – It’s Time To Make A Stand Against Misogyny In F1

Several supporters of Nikita Mazepin have been abusing a vocal critic of the Russian racing driver on social media.

Nikita Mazepin fans make rape threats on social media -

The last couple of weeks have cast a dark shadow over Formula One, with the Haas F1 Team proving that money is more important than principals.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m referring to the fact that Nikita Mazepin groped an Instagram model earlier this month and has seemingly escaped without any real punishment.

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Specifically, the Haas F1 Team vowed to deal with the “abhorrent” incident internally and said his punishment may never be made public.

And, they recently confirmed that Mazepin will still be driving for the team next season despite his shocking conduct.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was shocked when I went onto Twitter this afternoon and discovered that fans of Nikita Mazepin had been abusing a vociferous critic of his.

In fact, in a Twitter group chat, one user (@F1_center_real), who has a Nikita Mazepin profile picture and is clearly fond of him (for whatever reason), even joked that they should call the Russian racing driver to rape the aforementioned critic.

As she pointed out, she is just 16 years old and is being targeted by Mazepin supporters for simply sharing her views on the incident and other F1-related matters.

There are dozens of other instances of misogyny in the F1 social media community on a daily basis, and I really think it’s time to make a stand against this, especially as seeing how Mazepin getting let off the hook by Haas appears to be encouraging similarly disgusting behaviour in our community.

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I will be sharing this incident and my thoughts directly with the Haas F1 Team – and I really hope it causes them to consider the toxic impact that Nikita Mazepin is having on Formula One and to hopefully finally do what’s right.

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