Nico Rosberg warns Lance Stroll’s excuse is invalid

Aston Martin's Lance Stroll has faced criticism from Nico Rosberg following an invalid excuse he made.

Tensions flared in Qatar as Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll found himself in the spotlight, not for his performance but for his complaints about track limits. 

The former World Champion, Nico Rosberg, was unimpressed with Stroll’s grievances, suggesting that other drivers managed to steer clear of penalties despite the grueling conditions.

Stroll’s woes began when he incurred a time penalty for exceeding track limits, ultimately costing him a points finish as he crossed the line in ninth place. 

He vented his frustration, describing the conditions as “ridiculous” and directing his ire at the track limits rules on the high-speed Losail circuit.

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However, Rosberg, who had already criticised Stroll’s behaviour and performance earlier in the weekend, countered Stroll’s complaints by highlighting that other drivers successfully navigated the challenges without penalties.

In an interview with Sky, Rosberg remarked, “It was a decent race, perhaps, for him. 

“But still, it’s an extreme way of stating it – that he says the last 25 laps he was almost passing out on high-speed corners.”

Acknowledging the harsh conditions, Rosberg continued, “I mean, I believe him that it’s just crazy, crazy difficult out there. 

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“But, nevertheless, all the other drivers managed to do without penalties – or many of them – especially the best ones out there today. 

“So it’s not really an excuse, I think, to still have so many mistakes to get the penalties that he did.”

Stroll admitted that he had experienced moments on the verge of passing out and even suffered from blurred vision during the race. 

The extreme heat and high humidity at the Losail circuit took a toll on the drivers, prompting the FIA to promise action after several competitors required medical attention post-race.

Rosberg shed light on the physical toll the race took, saying, “In my day, we did a test with a doctor with a device. 

“We did a simulation of a race like that in those temperatures and it was deemed that it was not a risk to one’s health.” 

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He emphasised the severity of the challenge by stating, “They lost like three kilos, so six pounds of body weight in those one hour and 45 minutes that they were racing. 

“That’s extreme, it’s like 5% of your body weight, which really, really is so tough and it’s such a torture. 

“So that’s something they’re gonna have to look at.”