Nico Rosberg tears apart Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll appeared to push his personal trainer after being eliminated in Q1 on Friday evening in Qatar.

2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg slammed Lance Stroll’s “really bad behaviour” at the Qatar Grand Prix, after the Canadian got himself into extremely deep water on Friday.

Stroll has endured a weekend to forget at the Lusail International Circuit, which has so far cemented what has been a massively disappointing season for him.

There have been several claims this season that Stroll is only being retained by Aston Martin because his father owns the team, given that he’s continuing to not help the team’s fight against McLaren.

Unfortunately for Stroll, he reached an all-time low on Friday, following a fourth consecutive Q1 elimination.

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He was absolutely livid to be knocked out of qualifying, something he made perfectly clear.

When he was pushed back into the garage, he threw his steering out of his AMR23, before brushing his personal trainer away.

Stroll’s personal trainer was simply trying to get him to go and get weighed, something the driver had no interest in doing.

Instead, Stroll went out the back of the garage, before he was seen appearing to push his trainer who was still trying to get the Canadian to do the right thing.

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If that wasn’t enough to mark a bad day in the office, he then gave a five-word interview where his language had to be apologised for.

Stroll is clearly struggling with the pressure of F1 currently; however, Rosberg slammed the 24-year-old for his “really bad behaviour”.

“The behaviour was poor,” Rosberg said on Sky Sports F1.

“That steering wheel cost over £20,000, he scratched the paint of his car, pushed his trainer away – that is not on, not for mechanics, not for the trainer, not for anybody.

“That’s really bad behaviour.”

It certainly wasn’t a good look for Stroll, who was eliminated yet again in the opening part of the sprint qualifying, before finishing 13th in the sprint race itself.

Rosberg is a driver who knows all about the pressure of F1 and how it can sometimes be “really painful”, with him going on to admit that he can “relate in a way” to the Canadian.

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“I can relate in a way,” admitted Rosberg.

“It is really painful, a real struggle when you are so far off and you don’t know what’s going on.

“Social media is taking you on and speaking badly about you, it is really hard, plus that situation where you are the son of the boss so, even internally, the pressure will be building a lot.

“So I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.”