Nico Rosberg sends George Russell message which will alarm Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg has offered insights on George Russell's approach and the relationship between the Mercedes teammates in light of Qatar collision.

Nico Rosberg has offered valuable advice to George Russell, urging him not to play the role of the “nice guy” within the Mercedes team. 

This advice comes in the aftermath of the collision between Russell and Lewis Hamilton during the Qatar Grand Prix, which led to Hamilton’s early exit from the race.

During the incident, Hamilton, on softer tires, attempted to overtake his teammate Russell around the outside of the first corner but misjudged the move, resulting in contact and sending the seven-time world champion spinning into the gravel. 

Hamilton took responsibility for causing the collision, although it was not the first instance of tension between the two Mercedes drivers this season. 

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Just two weeks prior, they engaged in intense wheel-to-wheel combat, narrowly avoiding catastrophe.

Mercedes, in response to these events, expressed a desire for a competitive edge and a bit of tension between their drivers, as they believe it is crucial for maintaining their competitive spirit. 

Bradley Lord, the communications chief at Mercedes, emphasised this point, saying, “There should be a little bit of tension there because they are competitors, and we don’t want puppy dogs in the car, we want lions, and that’s what we’ve got.”

Rosberg, who has firsthand experience of competing against Lewis Hamilton within the same team, offered his insights as a pundit. 

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He highlighted the need for Russell to assert himself and be willing to put his elbows out when necessary. 

Rosberg acknowledged the challenges faced by Russell, noting that being too accommodating in a competitive environment is not always the best approach. 

He stressed the importance of applying pressure and making things difficult for the team to ensure a fair playing field.

In discussing the situation between Russell and Hamilton, Rosberg mentioned a previous incident in Suzuka where both drivers had pushed the limits, taking each other off the track. 

He added, “It’s a very difficult situation for George as well. 

“Unfortunately, you can’t just be the nice guy in that situation – you have to also keep the pressure on. You have to make it difficult for the team, unfortunately. 

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“It sucks, but otherwise, the team will always just take the easiest route.”

Rosberg highlighted the rarity of Hamilton admitting fault, as was the case in Qatar, and acknowledged it as a significant win for Russell, both on the track and internally within the team. 

He noted that Hamilton rarely admits to being 100 percent at fault, making it an exceptional occurrence.