Nico Rosberg says he sent a message to Ferrari boss over Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz nearly collided during the Italian Grand Prix, as the pair fought hard for the final podium position.

Nico Rosberg, a former Formula 1 champion, has expressed concern over the intense battle between Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc during the Italian Grand Prix. 

Rosberg believes that the team needs to intervene and sit down with both drivers to reduce the risk of future conflicts on the track.

In a thrilling showdown at Monza, Sainz and Leclerc were allowed to fiercely compete for the last spot on the podium, with Sainz ultimately emerging victorious in their personal duel. 

The duel featured lock-ups and minor contact, providing fans with spectacular viewing. 

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However, Rosberg fears that such intense battles could escalate dangerously in the future.

Rosberg stated his concerns on Sky Sports F1’s Podcast, saying, “For us, it was great, but it was so close to crashing. 

“Especially with the big lockup from Charles. 

“I was telling Fred Vasseur after the race that I really highly recommend that he asks both drivers to sit down with him because he has the most authority.”

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Rosberg emphasised the importance of taking proactive measures, as unresolved tensions between the drivers could lead to further clashes on the track. 

He added, “Because it’s so important to be proactive, otherwise if one driver or the other, in this case, it would mostly be Charles, has a bad feeling here, it can quickly spiral. 

“That he will think at the next race ‘I’m not going to yield next time, or I’m going to do the same next time, going to get payback.'”

Currently embroiled in a tight battle with Mercedes for second place in the constructors’ standings, Rosberg also shared his perspective on how his former boss, Toto Wolff, might have handled the situation differently. 

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“Toto might have said just hold position now because they are in a close championship fight in the constructors,” noted Rosberg. 

“Because it’s such important points in the attempt to still try and beat Mercedes.”

He further highlighted the nail-biting nature of such battles, imagining the consequences of a crash between Ferrari teammates at Monza.

Rosberg remarked, “It was so close.”