Neymar gets photobombed at 2023 Spanish GP

Martin Brundle’s pre-race grid walks have become an iconic part of the Formula 1 race weekend, with entertaining interactions always expected.

Martin Brundle, the renowned Sky Sports reporter and former F1 driver, once again showcased his knack for interviews as he photobombed Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star Neymar on the Formula 1 grid. 

Brundle’s willingness to engage with everyone, regardless of their profession, has endeared him to fans over the years.

Before the start of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on Sunday, Brundle spotted Neymar posing for a selfie with a fan. 

Seizing the opportunity, he sneaked into the background of the shot and exclaimed, “I’m going to photobomb this” before having a quick chat with the Brazilian footballer.

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“I’m good, I’ve come again to Formula 1. It’s a great experience, and I’m happy to be here,” Neymar told Brundle. 

Neymar had recently returned from a three-month absence due to ankle ligament surgery. 

Neymar wasn’t the only footballer Brundle managed to engage with on the grid before the Spanish Grand Prix. 

He also approached Mason Mount, a Chelsea star, and cheekily asked him about the rumours of him joining Manchester United. 

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Mount laughed off the situation and emphasised that he was present to enjoy the race.

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Brundle’s light-hearted and spontaneous interactions with athletes and celebrities add an extra layer of excitement to the F1 grid, further enhancing his popularity among fans.

The former F1 driver managed to get in some conversations with a number of drivers, chatting to Lando Norris, Kevin Magnussen and Max Verstappen, although he wasn’t able to interact with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Despite being known for his friendly demeanour, Hamilton doesn’t like to speak to the media just before getting into the driving seat, choosing to, instead, focus on his preparations for the race ahead.