New love interest? Lewis Hamilton photographed with two women in Ibiza

Doubts have been raised over whether Lewis Hamilton is in a relationship with pop icon Shakira.

Following his 14th podium at the British Grand Prix recently, Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed some down time ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, on a yacht in Ibiza.

The Mercedes star was seen at the Spanish island with film director Baz Luhrmann and his wife Catherine Martin, as well as two women.

Hamilton was spotted with Norwegian tennis star Jenny Stray Spetalen and Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez, throwing doubt over whether the driver is actually in a relationship with pop icon Shakira.

It had been questioned whether Hamilton was dating the Colombian pop star, with her having been in attendance at three races this season.

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Shakira was seen in Miami, Barcelona and Silverstone cheering the 38-year-old on, whilst they also visited a nightclub following the British Grand Prix.

They were also seen with each other after the other two races, with Hamilton having been seen on a boat with Shakira in Miami, before being spotted at a restaurant in Barcelona.

Despite this, Shakira was nowhere to be seen in Ibiza, with Hamilton instead enjoying some time with 20-year-old Spetalen and 33-year-old Gonzalez.

It appears that Hamilton has enjoyed a great trip to Ibiza, with the driver having been photographed in the Mediterranean Sea on a flyboard.

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Hamilton is a huge lover of the sea and water sports, with him admiring the fact that it gets “rid of negative energy”.

“I would say I swim a lot more than I surf [laugh]. I’m so competitive so I paddle for pretty much every wave,” Hamilton told GQ last year.

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“I could be out there for hours and I might miss 100 waves but I get five good waves in the day. What I really love about it is you don’t have your phone with you, it’s time on your own, you have time to think and just let the waves continue to go and appreciate just how powerful mother nature is.

“I also feel the ocean is very cleansing and I just like getting rid of negative energy.”

His focus will certainly be switching to the Hungaroring this weekend, a venue he’s claimed victory at eight times.