‘Never any games’: Lewis Hamilton names his favourite ex-teammate

During his time in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has been partnered with a number of talented drivers.

Lewis Hamilton has come full circle in terms of his F1 teammates, going from the young rookie to the veteran over the course of his career.

The seven-time world champion started his F1 career with McLaren and was partnered with the legendary Fernando Alonso, before spending time as teammates with Heikki Kovalainen and Jenson Button.

Hamilton then made a move to Mercedes which was controversial at the time and made his debut alongside Nico Rosberg, a driver who was a close friend of Hamilton during his junior racing days.

While battling for the title, Hamilton’s relationship with Rosberg turned toxic and after the German retired from Formula 1, Mercedes decided to replace Rosberg with Valtteri Bottas.

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Mercedes enjoyed their most successful seasons with Bottas and Hamilton but decided last season to make a change, bringing in young George Russell, who the team see as the future when Hamilton eventually decides to retire.

The 38-year-old recently took part in a comical lie detector test for Sky Sports where he was asked a number of tough questions.

Hamilton was asked if Fernando Alonso was his favourite teammate in F1 and he replied “no,” an answer which was revealed to be true.

The Mercedes driver then went on to explain that Valtteri Bottas was the driver that he enjoyed working with the most, having spent a number of years being wingmanned by the Finn, who is now racing for Alfa Romeo.

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“It was just fun. We have a lot of fun over the years and there was just a real camaraderie there,” explained Hamilton.

“Even though he wanted to beat me, there was a respect that we always had. There were never any games between us. It was just straight on. We travelled together and we just built a really good friendship.”

Hamilton has recently described his relationship with his current teammate George Russell as respectful but this could all change in the future, as Russell has started the 2023 season by outqualifying Hamilton, having also beaten him in last season’s championship.