Need a Driving Licence in the UK – Steps to Follow

You will need a valid driving licence to drive on the UK roads. You become eligible to get one after you turn 17, without which you will not be allowed to drive on roads. Therefore, the new drivers must know all the steps and processes they must go through to get theirs successfully.

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Applying for a driver’s license can be fun. Once you obtain your driving license, you can get many exciting opportunities while driving on the public road. To start with, you need to follow the following few steps to obtain your driving license in the UK:

  • Apply for a provisional license
  • Pass the theory exam
  • Pass the driving test

After that, you can drive almost anywhere in the UK and any other country. Now let’s check out the steps involved –

Provisional license –

Firstly, you must pay £43 to obtain a provisional driving licence. You can apply for a two-wheeler provisional licence when you reach the age of 15.9 years, and 16.9 years for light and medium-sized four-wheelers.

DVLA provides these provisional licenses with 10 years validity, but only for those who pass the eyesight requirements. You can apply even if you use contact licences or spectacles as long as you always use them while driving. The application process can be done online by visiting the DVLA web portal. However, you must pass the theory test and take up the practical within 2 years. If you do not clear the practical test, you will be asked to take up the theory again.

To finalize the application, you will require the following:

  • A valid UK passport
  • Or any other alternative identification
  • Your National Insurance numbers
  • Details of your addresses over the past three years.

Provisional licences generally arrive within one to three weeks, with online applications often processed more expeditiously.

Ways to apply

If you want to apply online, you can visit the UK Government website and initially submit your application for a provisional licence. Alternatively, you can complete a D1 application form that can be obtained from the post office in your neighbourhood. Should you choose to submit your application through mail, please ensure that it includes the following:

  • A completed application
  • A colour passport photo
  • A check or postal order for £43
  • Original paperwork verifying your identification.

The two-part driving license UK

Upon acceptance of your provisional driving licence application, you will receive a crucial green photo card. You must safeguard this card, as it is essential for your future driving endeavours. The photo card is required for the driving theory and practical tests.

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After successfully passing the practical driving test, the green photo card will be exchanged for a pink full driving licence photo card. Ensure the safekeeping of these cards throughout your driving journey.

The theory tests

You must pass the driving theory test before you may take the practical exam. You can apply online when you are prepared to take the theory exam. To receive your booking confirmation, you will need to provide your

  • Debit or credit card
  • Provisional driver’s license number
  • Email address.

Booking an automobile theory test on the government website costs £23 in total.

The practical test

After successfully completing your theory test and receiving approval from your driving instructor, you can book your practical driving test online. To proceed, you must have:

  • Your provisional driving licence number
  • Your debit or credit card.

Booking a weekday test on the government website costs will be £62.00. However, scheduling your test on a weekend or bank holiday will cost you £75.00.

  • Medical conditions
  • Certain medical conditions can impede an individual’s ability to drive, such as
  • Epilepsy
  • Sudden fit

It is, therefore, important to inform the DVLA about any health condition affecting your driving capacity. You must also note:

  • If you get any severe illness or if the existing illness worsens, you must inform the DVLA about the same.
  • It is a rule for all license holders, and failing to comply with this law will cost you dearly in the event of an accident. You could be prosecuted or fined with a sum of £1000.00.
  • Driving with serious medical ailments is prohibited in the UK. As a law-abiding citizen, you must surrender your licence if the doctor deems you unfit to drive.

Applying for a UK driving licence is now more accessible online, provided you meet requirements and supply accurate information, facilitating a swift and straightforward application process.

You may have already received your driver’s license back if you applied for one, but not with your identity documents. In such a case, no need to worry. Identity documents will arrive separately after your driver’s license. It may take up to three weeks for them to arrive.